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Punjab Police’s khaki stain again, find out what the whole case is

Jalalabad (Tinkunikhanj, Jitender): The Punjab Police, which protects the people, is often the subject of controversy in the days to come. A similar case has come to light at Padethana Arni Wala under Jalalabad sub-division, where a woman from police outpost Rori Wali and a woman from village Bhimeshah Jandwala
The residents of Sanepand have arrested Balwinder Singh alias Chhindar Singh, a resident of Valipand Jandwala, without any confirmation of the theft case inside the ancient Gurdwara Ara Sahib.

Let me tell you that during the night of 13th August, unknown persons of Gurdwara Aura Sahib Khushdal of village Bhimeshah Jand Wala broke the sphere of Gurudwara and after that all these incidents took place inside Gurdwara. When did it happen in the camera?
The matter appeared to go a little further and was reported to the police at the outpost blockade by the Gurudwara Ara management and without further investigation, the police personnel took the said person home and beat him to death.

After which the villagers and the family members of the victim and the villagers are confronting each other and making statements to the Gurdwara Ara Management Committee. The Jagbani team, which has reached out to cover the case, has spoken to people from both sides. Subdivision for more information on this matter
The DSP and Mandi Rorawali’s post in-charge and Arni Wala police station chief were interviewed and they kept asking the officer to come out to avoid the matter. It remains to be seen whether the case of theft can be ascertained only after an investigation by senior police officials.
The police investigation will come to light later.


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